What support level do I get?


It's a fair question, everyone likes to know support is on-tap, and at WebDady we're always available.

What is your support level?

We are defined as a "Self-managed" or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider. This means we provide the infrastructure and ensure it's online and working as it should, but the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the VMs you create are the customer's responsibility. The line is drawn at the Operating System, meaning any OS-level configuration or work does not fall under "standard support".

What if I want you to take responsibility for my VMs?

That's absolutely fine, we offer comprehensive managed service packages that include day-to-day updates and maintenance, security hardening, and best-effort third-party software installation and configuration, simply order one of our managed service packages and we'll be in touch to help you get it set up just how you want it. 

How about if I just need a single job performed?

We also offer engineer time, to carry specific specialist tasks at your request where you don't feel you need an on-going commitment to managed service, simply purchase some engineer time and we will use this to carry out the work involved on your behalf.  

How do I contact support?

The best way to request and schedule support is via our ticket system, to create a ticket simply log in and submit a support request, found here. Alternatively we also provide support by LiveChat, however this is only for small jobs.