• Domain Privacy Protection Upgrade

News: Domain Privacy Protection Upgrade

Published: 30/11/2018

We are delighted to announce that our Domain Privacy Protection has been upgraded based on your feedback. At WebDady, your data is important always.

ICANN requires your personal information to be automatically entered into a public directory when you register a domain name with any accredited registrar. The hackers, spammers and data miners may utilize it for abusing, advertising and even stealing the domain. WebDady's Domain Privacy Protection is an effective way to keep your personal information safe and protect domain.

Why Domain Privacy Protection service?
Domain Privacy Protection service keeps you from spam, data miners, unsolicited marketing and identity thefts.
In the public WHOIS directory, it displays the private information for the protected domain name. Meanwhile, you remain controls the domain name. Domain Privacy Protection service also has a secure and effective mechanism so customers could reach out to you.

Why Domain Privacy Protection service?

We have listed answers to your other concerns you may have below.

How does Domain Privacy Protection service work?
Domains WHOIS information will be replaced with information of Domain Privacy Protection which will be displayed publicly after the service is enabled. At WebDady, the real information is still listed and controlled by you.

How will people contact me for business purpose?
Don't worry about it. Your customer or potential buyers could send you the message on the secured web form here https://www.domainidshield.com.

Can I apply Domain Privacy Protection service for all TLDS at WebDady?
Domain Privacy Protection service is available for almost all TLDS we provide, except for some TLDS like .US, .UK, 3ld.uk etc because of its registry's restriction.

Will Domain Privacy Protection service be disabled after domain expired?
Not exactly. If you renew your domain name in time before it is deleted, the Domain Privacy Protection service stays enabled as long as it is an invalid period.

The fee charged on Domain Privacy Protection service?
To maintain the quality service, we charge $9.99/year per domain name.